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Gadgets[ change change source ] Glasses Detective Conan has huge glasses with non-vision-correcting lenses. The glasses have many functions: radar , thermography, telescope , listening microphone, directional microphone. Watch With a tranquilizing gun function.

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This watch can only store one tranquilizing needle, so Conan must use it wisely. Bow Tie With a voice-changing function.

Conan puts Richard to sleep with the tranquilizer watch and solves cases using his voice. The micro transceiver is built in the button.

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Skateboard With a turbo-engine function. Conan uses this to pursue criminals. Shoes The item reinforces his kick power. Conan can kick soccer balls in order to knock out the criminal. Suspenders With a stretch function. When Conan switches the suspenders on, the suspenders stretch and shrink freely. He solves cases mostly murders as a first grader. His seventeen-year-old body was shrunk due to a poison created by the Black Organization.

Ran Mori A high-school friend of Shinichi. Conan lives with her, and she is not aware of his true identity. He then stuck magnetic post-its similar to Nishiki's ones over the whole ceiling in order to conceal it, the post-its being of the same color as the ceiling.

After killing Nishiki, Agata unstuck all post-its and threw them away on the floor, mixing them up with Nishiki's own ones. He then opened the window and sprayed some of Nishiki's blood with a syringe on the fake blood traces, to pretend he had indeed been murdered on the ceiling by a tengu. Agata, a plastic art expert, also made a fake tengu out of guncotton and used alcohol-ink marker pens to draw on it.

He then pasted the very light piece of artwork on his room's ceiling, screamed, pretending to be assaulted by a monster, and threw the ashtray with his lit cigarette in it to the tengu's face to have it explode, burn and vanish into thin air, as this is how guncotton reacts to fire.

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He had lit his cigarette not long ago to do so, explaining the only 3-centimeter burn patterns left by his cigarette on the floor, that should have been longer if he'd been smoking for a longer period of time.

Agata had also prepared the restaurant's inuyarai by previously painting it red with the usual traces, but covering it with another inuyarai. After he killed Ihaya, he removed the cover inuyarai, threw his bloody glove, dagger and coat into it and put it over another restaurant's inuyarai.

He hadn't left any fingerprints on the bloody things for the police still to believe Mayama was the murderer. Shinichi had noticed the dust gap around the first inuyarai, implying it had been covered by something that protected it from dust. Lastly, to frighten Mayama into pinning himself against the railing, Agata used a directional loudspeaker only Mayama could hear, with Dekuri's voice, and had previously painted transparent sheets with red footprints and stuck them on the balcony's floor, covering each of them with another sheet of the same color as the floor, to conceal them.

He would then tie fishing lines to each of these same-color sheets and pull them away one after the other in order to fool Mayama into believing Dekuri was walking in his direction, and speaking to him. Agata left his fingerprints on the sheets as he was certain Mayama would die and everybody would rush to the railing, leaving him time and space enough to retrieve all sheets and discarding them later.

Agata tries to run away but gets surrounded by the police who were disguised as visitors.

Agata finally confesses to being the serial killer, giving two bumps to his victims just like the tengu does to Kobutori Tale's evil old man who tries to imitate the good Kobutori, just like Nishiki, Ihaya and Mayama stole Dekuri's work and pretended his name would feature in the movie's credits while it was eventually not the case.

Agata asked them for an explanation, saying Dekuri cried unceasingly, and the three men replied they were so happy their plan had worked perfectly, thus implying they wanted to humiliate their depressed friend and never had the intention to put his name in the movie.

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But Keiko and Mayama turn up and say that the producers had modified some very important typology spaces in the credits, preventing the name "Michio Dekuri" from appearing.

As actually the name was supposed to appear across the five people's vertical names, which is why everyone changed names and spaces. Dekuri's name was supposed to appear at the same time, and it didn't beacuse of the producers, who didn't want to clear up the mistake afterwards for financial reasons. Agata wasn't told about it as their friends wanted Dekuri and him to discover the surprise while watching the movie together, as they were really close friends.

Agata howls in regrets for what he did to his friends. After the case is solved, Ran talks about a nice place that Okita had told her about and as Sonoko and Masumi start going ahead, Shinichi holds Ran back and asks her how she feels about him.

Shinichi mentions Ran's meeting with Okita the previous and wonders if she has forgotten about his confession in London. In response, Ran pulls him closer by grabbing his tie and kisses him on the cheek.

Masumi gives chase, only to run into Heiji. She realizes that the rucksack Heiji is wearing has the shrunken Shinichi inside it, but doesn't directly confront the two about it. Shinichi and Heiji therefore understand that Masumi knows about Shinichi being Conan. A teacher of Teitan High School tells students Shinichi has to leave due to an emergency, and tells them not to say a word about Shinichi's coming and presence to Kyoto, as specially asked for by Shinichi himself.

Ran tells Sonoko she actually took Okita aside to give him back his talisman he had dropped during the "Kendo Case" Vol.The micro transceiver is built in the button. Ai Haibara A former member of the Black Organization. Conan can kick soccer balls in order to knock out the criminal. Yui Uehara.

He then opened the window and sprayed some of Nishiki's blood with a syringe on the fake blood traces, to pretend he had indeed been murdered on the ceiling by a tengu. Kenji Hagiwara.

Turbo Engine Skateboard. Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya.

Watch With a tranquilizing gun function.